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This blog is long-overdue, but I'm finally here.

Hi everyone! I am Laura Dolci, a young woman in her 20's who is passionate about life, happiness, and traveling - jellyfish too, but that's a whole other story.

Given most of us are enamored with traveling and suffer from the highest levels of wanderlust, I figured I'd share what fuels my love for traveling.

I have been moving around the world with my family since the summer of 2nd grade (2007) - going from various places in Italy to various places in the States. Moving so often, I had the chance to meet people from all over and learn about their different countries, cultures, and points of views - this has caused me to starve for new adventures, as I always want to learn and experience more.

From this hunger, my freshman year of college, I began organizing my first solo trip to five different European countries - the best experience of my life to this day (2 years later). I traveled to my home-country, Italy, to Sweden, Germany, France, and Portugal.

You may be wondering, what was so life changing about this trip?

Everything - but for now I will stick to the main points, and my two strongest lessons:

Traveling is about finding new points of view. As Henry Miller said, "one's destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things". Are you truly traveling if you do not take in new eyes?

Also, stranger does not always mean danger. Are you truly traveling if you are not meeting other travelers, and the people of the countries you visit? One of my favorite quotes from Paul Theroux, "I sought trains, I found passengers".

I am writing this blog to share the lessons I've learned, the new points of views I have gained, as well as sharing my favorite moments with strangers. I hope that in a way, my blogs can bring happiness and a sense of traveling, or being abroad. And, in the next few weeks or months, hopefully learn from you if we share the same passion.

Welcome to my blog and to my travels. Follow me, and let this journey begin! :)

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