Traveling With Periods

Real talk - having your period when you are traveling can be a pain in the a**.

Did I bring enough tampons, or pads?

How often will I need to change?

Will I bleed through my clothes?

These are just a few of the questions that tend to run through our minds.

In all honesty, I never thought I'd find myself writing about periods on a traveling page - initially it just seemed like the wrong place, like a blog on menstruation should belong on a health related, or medical blog. But then I reminded myself that periods are normal, and how important it is to talk about health - whether mental, physical, sexual, environmental, and so on. Health is not, and should never be seen as a taboo topic.

What inspired me to write this short blog was my recent purchase from Saalt. Saalt is a B certified corporation that sells menstrual cups, along with products that help you keep your cup safely clean.

Just in case the definition is needed, a menstrual cup is a sustainable hygiene product for periods. Not only does this cup save you from worrying about the amount of products you need to bring, or having to change often, it is also an investment that will save you money, save the environment, and save you from worrying about the potential toxic effects of standard pads or tampons.

My Experience:

It took me months of researching to gain the courage to make this small investment - I kept questioning which would be the best brand to buy from, would they be comfortable, would they spill, would it get stuck and any other silly, or not so silly question you can come up with. But the more periods I had, the more I realized I wanted to make the switch asap.

I personally had the best experience with this product - it is far more comfortable than tampons, and you do not have to worry about bleeding through. Something I learned with my cup is that on even my heaviest days, I do not bleed nearly as much as tampons and pads make me think - I never got to half of the smallest cup. The cup has taught me that, in a way, tampons and pads are a scam.

The nice thing about the cup is that you can use it up for 12 hours and you can keep it in while sleeping, exercising, using the bathroom and so on.

I could not be a bigger fan of this product - hence why it was important for me to share this post with fellow people with periods.

I bought the Soft-Duo, pictured above, which has one small, and one regular soft cup.

An illustration from the Saalt page:

Why Saalt?

After many months of researching menstrual cups, the different brands & styles, and trying to get the courage to finally make the purchase - I realized that Saalt was the company I resonated with, and shared values with the most. The quality of the product is fantastic, simple, and most importantly - comfortable.

Saalt sponsors girls' education and sends them free cups to help with menstruation and the strict rules that menstruating girls cannot attend schools. Read more about their mission on their website.

Another thing that I love about Saalt is that they recognize the fact that it's not just "women" who have periods. As part of their mission, they want to support everyone who have periods.

If you are not sure about which cup to buy, you a can take a quiz on their website that will help you figure it out: (Quiz)

Because of how much I love these cups, I wanted to do my best to give you guys the opportunity to get your own. I reached out to Saalt, and they were so kind to agree to collab with me - which I am so excited about. Go to their website and enter LAURA10 for 10% off your cup/s. As mentioned previously, I got a soft-duo package, which included the soft small & soft regular cup.

If you buy your cup today, October 9th, all website profits will be going to the Pacific Northwest Wildfire Relief & Recovery Fund to support displaced families in need of food, shelter, childcare, healthcare, and other critical services.

All of these words come from the most sincere place, and I hope that you will love the cups as much as me. This product is truly a small investment with a big impact, towards your physical, environmental, and financial wellness. Invest in yourself, invest in people with periods around the world, support Saalt and their mission.

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