Traveling Through Words

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, people all over the world have encountered difficulties or bans in traveling.The limits imposed on traveling have made me realize further more the beauty of journaling and writing about your travels and your days.

As I explained in a previous blogpost, How To Journal..., I adore journaling because it helps me travel through words and time - when I am physically stuck in one city, I am able to read my old journal entries and travel to multiple countries and re-experience my old adventures.

In these past few months of absence, I have been experiencing, what I call, the "Covid Block". This type of block has made it hard for me to write and be creative, but it also has made me extra grateful for journaling - this is because, as mentioned above, reading my old journals allows me to travel back in time, as well as helping me feel more inspired than ever.

To give a small explanation, the Covid Block is similar to the Writer's Block, but differs in the origin. The Writer's Block comes from not knowing what to write next, being overwhelmed with ideas, overthinking, and so on. Covid, on the other hand, has imposed endless restrictions, making it hard to have new experiences, meet strangers, and live a pre-Covid life. Without new experiences and new sights, it can be tricky to be creative and inspired to write new pieces - given you also only have old experiences to work with.

With all of this said, I will be bringing you all with me to pre-covid times, and on my travels.

While I have the memories to enhance my traveling through words, I hope that my detailed words will help you travel with me. These entries you are going to read in the following weeks, come from different trips of mine - including Ireland, France, Amsterdam, as well as a few memorable encounters with strangers.

First stop: Cliffs of Howth, Ireland.

Time: March 4th, 2019

Blog coming out this Friday :)

I hope everyone is doing well and sending you all the best wishes! :)

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