The Cliffs of Howth (Ireland)

First stop of the Traveling Through Words plane:

We have arrived to my fourth and final day in Ireland, on March 4th, 2019. Ironically, this was also the first and last day of my friends and I experiencing a fairly warm, sunny, Irish day - given the first few days were cold, rainy, and occasionally snowy.

As most travelers do in Ireland, we originally planned to go visit the famous Cliffs of Moher, but with the chance of disastrous weather and a four hour long bus ride (to and back), we opted for the less famous, but most definitely not-less beautiful, the Howth Cliffs.

To give some extra detail, during this short week in Ireland, my college roommate and I stayed at the Maynooth University - where one of her friends from home attended for a semester abroad. Maynooth is a small, college town in the mid-east of Ireland.

After waking up and grabbing a warm Starbucks drink, we headed on to the bus for our hour-long trip to Howth. As we are getting closer to our final destination, and waking up from our naps, we begin to see the beautiful scenery from a distance, including a stunning, thin body of water that rested around it. People were walking on the beach, soaking in the fresh air and the rare, warm sun-rays.

After about ten minutes of walking, we finally arrive at our destination - the beginning of the Howth Cliff's hike. Even before reaching our destination, we knew that the views that awaited us were going to be mesmerizing and would be forever remembered. There was a small, white building that had a map of Howth drawn on one of its walls, making us even more thrilled to begin this small adventure.

At Howth, the wind was blowing gently, and the sun was keeping us warm. There were many cute houses along the edge of the Cliffs, as well as many smaller islands dispersed through the ocean. Before the real hike even began, Howth already became one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen.

The deeper we got into this "hike", the more breath taking was the scenery. We kept reaching new heights and new views, exposing us to new beautiful details every step - it almost felt like the view would never end, and would never stop getting more beautiful. I would state "I'm building a shack and moving here" every other 10 minutes, because I simply could not wrap my head around the beautiful nature of Ireland surrounding my friends and I - as well as the thought that I'd be leaving the morning after.

At the end of our walk, that lasted around 4 hours, the sky was getting darker due to the chances of rain, the wind was getting colder, and our bellies were getting hungrier. Once we got into the town side of Howth, we found a small restaurant named The Summit Inn, and decided to go there for an early dinner.

On our walk to the restaurant all I could think of was, Irish Coffee. I am not a drinker, but the Irish Coffee seemed like a must now that I was in Ireland and it was my last day - having an Irish Coffee in London would have not been the same. For those who do not know, an Irish Coffee is coffee with Bailey's cream, and occasionally has whip cream on top (yummy).

While my words and photos cannot do justice to this experience and sight, I hope my simple words can bring a sense of freedom and help others escape, the same way I do when looking back. There is a complete and unexplainable sense of liberty when walking on what feels like safe haven; the blue of the water brought a sense of calm and reassurance, the green of the hills and cliffs brought the sense of adventure and curiosity, while the yellow of the weed flowers brought the sense of happiness and excitement. My soul truly felt at rest and hugged by all the colors and majesty of the Cliffs of Howth.

Inexplicable Happiness

Enjoy the walk:

Question: If you've been to Ireland, what was your favorite part/place? If you haven't been to Ireland, what is the first thing you want to do, or see?

Sláinte from me & this delicious Irish Coffee

Small video I put together, ft music: Dietro Casa by Ludovico Einaudi

Hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy and that you enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it.❤️

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