The Canvas City - Estepona, Spain

Three weeks, one car scratch and one blown tire later...

My boyfriend and I traveled to Estepona, a small city in southern Spain.

When you first enter the small town, you are welcomed by beautiful roundabouts decorated in flowers, fountains and statues. The first two that stuck out to me were the one of two golden bodies dancing during the golden hour and the dandelion fountain.

Estepona is on the coast, making the hot town weather quite humid - this is one of those moments where a traditional, Spanish folding-fan comes in handy... lesson learned slightly late on my behalf.

As we walked deeper into the town, we found ourselves surrounded by endless canvases - white painted homes. These canvases were decorated with endless colors, gifted by the thousands of flowers and painted pots.

In this art, there was no uniform - some houses would have green drape down their walls, others were covered in pink-flowered trees, others with yellow flowers hanging on various wall spots, and so on.

Asides these endless "paintings", there were murals of more trees or children eating cereal, plaques with quotes painted on, as well as trees planted in honor of individuals who passed away.

After around 30 minutes of walking, we found ourselves having to choose which path to take - while this phrase may sound philosophically deep, in this case we were choosing between "do we want to take the yellow road, the red one, or the blue one?"

We asked ourselves these questions because when arriving closer to the beach, each little path was decorated in flowers, pots, and paint with one specific color. As you will soon see in the pictures, one road only had yellow flowers and yellow pots - another red, and another blue.

When we arrived at the beach side, we strolled along until we randomly found a gigantic set of chess. During the months spent apart, Sancho taught me how to play chess via an online site (shoutout to and getting to play chess with him in real life - especially when using pieces that were the size of half of our bodies - was very enjoyable, and definitely created a happy memory.

After tying at the chess match we took a small break at a bar to get some water and smoothies and then headed back to the car to go visit Puerto Banús.

While I could talk longer and in deeper details about Estepona, I'll leave the rest to your imagination and your day dreaming - hoping the pictures will help you "travel". And if it wasn't clear already, I highly recommend visiting Estepona, Spain - a small, simple, yet beautiful town.

As a side note: For flower and plant lovers - there is the Estepona Orchid House (pictured below). I meant to visit but had gotten there 27 minutes after they closed for the day. From the outside, you could already tell that the inside experience would have been mesmerizing and unforgettable.

Pictures don't do justice, but I hope you all enjoyed. To see more pictures, follow my instagram account: @laura_travels3 .

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