The Art of the Berlin Wall

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I visited the Berlin Wall with my aunt, Gisella, on our first day together in Berlin. This also happened to be the first day of our aunt-niece adventure: to say it was one of the best days together, would be an understatement.

On this day we mainly walked around Berlin, almost at random, without a plan. As we were strolling around, under a beautiful, warm sun, we came across various buildings, pubs and restaurants with TV's outside for people to watch football (soccer), boat tours on the canals, the Bode Museum, and the Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom). From this area, we stopped to eat a falafel salad and proceeded our adventure.

After a semi-long day of walking around, Gisella and I felt we had to end the day the best way possible - by visiting the Berlin Wall. After various T-stops and quickly resting our feet, we arrived in front of the East Side part of the wall.

I knew it would be both mind blowing and beautiful, but it exceeded my expectations.

As you will see soon (unless you already scrolled down to peak 😉), the Berlin Wall is painted with endless, bright colors. It is decorated with beautiful images and words - there were abstracts, handprints, meaningful drawings and writings, and so much more (I don't want to spoil too much of the wall).

The bright colors, specifically the yellow, the blue, and the red, captivated me - I felt a warm embrace from the colors and the images. It was art that I was able to get lost in with my mind and turn into my own personal experience.

I am no art expert, I simply know that placing green and orange together is not the best combination - at least in my opinion, or when it comes to my dad "matching" his clothes (I still love you dad, regardless your fashion skills).

For this reason, I hope that each and everyone of you reading will enjoy these pictures of the Berlin Wall art, and that you may be able to lose yourself within them and find whatever it is you may be looking for.

For me, the Berlin Wall made me feel embraced and more connected to people. I felt closer to people realizing that everyone is in a way seeking something by admiring the wall, and how we were all there with the purpose of enjoying it and trying to understand the meaning behind the works of art. All different people, with different backgrounds, different lifestyles, yet the same "urgency" to check out this work of art and piece of history.

The warm embrace and connection I felt while walking along the wall, might easily be the reason I was able to meet and bond with three amazing people - a Spanish man, a German man, and a French woman - whom I will talk about in next Friday's post.

Welcome to the East Side Gallery! Can you spot Katy Perry's signature?

We are all one.

Modern/Blue version of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.

More kisses.

My aunt, Gisella, and I.

Test The Rest.

Andy Weiss.

The Spanish street artist, the German musician, and the French jeweler/hitchhiker - featuring a tourist.

Stay tuned for next Friday's blog post and meet the amazing people in the picture above, and to see more Berlin Wall murals.

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