La Alhambra - Granada, España

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

It was on the first full day of our get-away weekend, when my boyfriend and I decided to visit La Alhambra, in Granada, Spain.

Having very messed up sleep schedules and having walked 16,185 steps day before, Sancho and I had a hard time waking up at 9:30am, but the wanting to look decent and wear a nice outfit was strong enough to help me get up.

We had our tickets reserved for 11am, and with 20 minutes left and a 15 minute walk ahead of us, we rushed out of the apartment (as fast as sleepy people can). Due to the sore legs from the previous day and the steepness of the hill, this was not the easiest walk to have. To give an example as to how steep the hill was, the benches had a one leg that was around double the height of the other leg, so that you'd be able to sit on a straight bench and not slide off.

Walking to La Alhambra, for the reasons listed above, was definitely tiring due to the steep roads we had to walk up - but after a good 15 minutes of walking, and a few ticket complications, we finally entered this wonder.

When you first enter La Alhambra you are on a light brown, grainy path that has tall, shaped bushes on its sides to show the way. As you walk and look around, you see a blue, cloudless sky, various pink flowers, and the beautiful, beige walls of the castles.

Before I go into details of this magical place, I want to explain that La Alhambra is composed of various spots: Palacios Nazaríes (Nazrid Palaces), Alcazaba, Partal, Generalife, Medina, Museo de La Alhambra (Museum of The Alhambra), and the Museo de Bellas Arte (Museum of the Beautiful Arts). Sancho and I visited the Palacios Nazaríes, Partal, Generalife, Alcazaba.

Places within La Alhambra:

Palacios Nazaríes

[The Nazrid Palaces] are made up of courtyards and elegant, breath-taking rooms. The warm, bright sun rays illuminated even the darkest rooms, and gave a golden glow to everything we saw. The intricate Arabian art and architecture is nothing short of stunning and extraordinary - it is something that should be appreciated more often.


The Alcazaba is the fortress in which the soldiers lived. This fortress has large towers that look out over the beautiful city of Granada. There were different towers you could walk to the top of and you'd be able to look on for miles - every new height was a mirage. In the towers you would also see small slits in the outwardly, indented walls on which soldiers would sit to look out and shoot arrows out of. The tallest tower had the most beautiful white walls, and with the stairs being narrow, there was a stoplight for people on both ends of the tower - telling visitors when to go up/down the stairs and when to wait. The views from the Alcazaba's towers were breathtaking and worth every flight of stairs (there weren't too many stairs).


[The Partal Gardens] Lets just say that I took pictures every 30 seconds and made the excuse that it was inspiration for my dream house - just in case I'll ever be able to afford it. At the Partal Gardens there was also the Torre de las Damas (The Ladies Tower), which belonged to the magnates of the palace.


The Generalife was the Sultan's leisure place, which is filled with long lines of fountains, gardens and thousands of flowers that rendered the place picturesque. Walking through the Generalife was mesmerizing, making you turn every second to make sure you didn't miss anything - as there was beauty and art all around you.

La Alhambra is easily one of the most magnificent places I've ever visited and it sincerely shocks me that its not considered a wonder of the world. I highly recommend traveling to Granada and checking out La Alhambra - it is bound to be an unforgettable experience.


  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, because La Alhambra is huge and you can count on walking around there for a minimum of 2.5 or 3 hours.

  • Bring a hat or shade of some sort, sunglasses and sunscreen.

  • Bring cash if you need a snack or water while inside, there's a small set up where a man sells nice, cold water and good snacks.

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