I sought trains; I found passengers – Paul Theroux (Berlin, Germany)

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Part 1.

The Spanish street artist, the German musician, and the French jeweler/hitchhiker - featuring a tourist.

"I sought trains, I found passengers". This quote by Paul Theroux makes me look back at the many, amazing people I found throughout my travels – specifically my solo tour in Europe, summer 2018. During this trip I was able to meet amazing strangers, as well as deepening my friendships with my international friends and family. This is part 1 of my reflection on the quote, as I want to dedicate a page to each different event and specific person or people I met.

This picture was taken in front of the Berlin Wall during my first full day in Berlin, on June 14th, 2018. That day my aunt, Gisella, and I walked around Berlin and explored a few places including the Berlin Dome, Berlin Wall, and the Brandenburg Gate. The best Berlin Wall moment, however, could not be fully pictured. The best moment I am talking about was meeting the group of three people pictured above: The Spanish street artist, the German musician, and the French jeweler/hitchhiker - featuring a tourist.

The singer, the German man with bright orange hair, and I did not talk as much but even just his presence made everything more fun.

The woman and I, however, ended up talking quite a bit. She is a French woman in her early 20’s with a badass style and beautiful light turquoise hair, who sold self-made jewelry right next to Claudio. She also travels a lot, and she told me that I need to start hitchhiking and that Italy is the best place for it. Even though I do not think I can follow through with hitchhiking, I loved everything she shared about it and all her lessons from it as well. She wants for every young woman to be conscious of their own surrounding and to travel on their own to new places, because at the end of the day it is not any more dangerous than our own environments, and one can become so rich of experienced from traveling, whether to another city, or country.

Even though two years have passed since I met these three wonderful people, I still remember this day as if it were yesterday. These three strangers quickly turned into highlights of my travels, and have left a long-lasting impression, as well as happy memories.

I may have sought and taken many trains, but as Paul Theroux said, I found passengers. Passengers who share the same passion and love for life, passengers whose home is the world and not a specific spot. Again, stranger does not always mean danger. Really happy to have met them and to have heard their stories.

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