A Walk in London (Day 2)

Updated: Nov 9

Good morning fellow travelers! As you may recall, our latest stop on the Traveling Through Words plane was the amazing London and our first day there, during Spring Break in 2019.

So now, here's our second day:

It is the 6th of March of 2019, already our last day in London, and we are just waking up. This day thankfully begins in the much later morning compared to the 3:30am at the Maynooth University, when my friend and I were leaving for our flight to London. I am eager to leave and get the day started, especially given this is the last day before Amsterdam.

Westminster Abbey:

The first building we came across during our morning stroll was the magnificent Westminster Abbey. This architectural masterpiece, also known as the "Royal Peculiar", has been the site for every Coronation since "1066, along with numerous other royal occasions, including sixteen royal weddings". Here lay great people, including kings, poets, scientists, musicians.

The cloudy morning gave us a bright white sky, almost creating a canvas that allowed to focus on all the details and colors around us - people walking all around, bikers, others protesting to end Brexit, and colorful cabs flowed through the streets.

St. James's Park:

We came across and walked through the St. James's Park, which rests between the Buckingham Palace and the Churchill War Rooms. This park is filled with swans resting on the water and some other birds, that I can't recognize, staring at me in the hopes I would drop some crumbs. There's also a swing set, with kids running around and laughing out loud. This park has different shades of green and yellow highlights from its flowers, the narcissus (daffodil) flower to be precise.

I felt at peace when walking through this park, and with the occasional main character energy, it was hard not to feel like I was in a rom-com with Hugh Grant - except, there was no Hugh Grant in sight, nor Colin Firth (#teamMarkDarcy).


Buckingham Palace:

The Buckingham Palace definitely had me starstruck and "fan-girling", as it was my first time seeing it in person. I enjoyed walking around and seeing all the details of the architecture and the statues that decorated it. While there wasn't much happening around the palace, people were enjoying their time - whether it was through brainstorming their poses for pictures, walking around, or simply standing still while sharing a conversation.

Fortnum & Mason:

Fortnum and Mason is popular for their exquisite tea, chocolatier, and Tea Time. The inside of this store was nothing short of magical and stunning - it was the Tiffany’s of tea. All the different tea aromas gently introduced themselves as you got closer - suttle, but beautiful scents. I decided to buy two different teas, the Rose Pouchong and the Jasmine Pearls - and some chocolates.

Below Zero Ice Bar:

Next stop was Below Zero, an ice bar in the Piccadilly Circus area. When we first entered we were told to wait in a cozy, dimly lit room that hugged us with its warmth and warm reds and oranges. If I recall correctly, there was a small electric fireplace. After warming up we were taken to a room where they gave us thick gloves and an even thicker cape - thankfully there was no Edna around.


When entering, we were greeted by a cold breeze on our faces, loud music and bright blue colors. The room is fairly small, but the entertainment certainly isn't - there's delicious drinks inside ice-sculpted glasses, ice cab with a window TV that lets you travel through London, various other sculptures and designs on the walls.

I drank the "Garden of Eden" - so delicious!

Ballie Ballerson:

The best way to end the day? Going to a ball pit bar! Ballie Ballerson has two ballpits, my personal favorite being the one with the mirror walls - pictured below. With good music and good drinks in the mix, can anything beat this type of a bar?

While London may have been a quick stop, time wise, it most certainly was not lacking of new adventures and amazing memories. I hope you guys enjoyed this London adventure, and that you were able to travel through words with me.

Stay tuned for our next stop!🗺

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