A Walk in London (Day 1)

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Before we begin traveling through words, I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who read my last blog, It's Me... Laura!, and for outpouring love and support! It means the world.

As you may recall, our first stop on the Traveling Through Words plane was the beautiful Ireland and it's Howth Cliffs during my Spring Break in 2019.

So now, here's our second stop:

It is the 5th of March of 2019 and we have arrived to my first, and already second-last, day in London, England. This day begins at 3:30am at the Maynooth University, as my friend and I struggle to wake up, find the strength to pack up our bags, and run to the bus stop.

After what felt like a half-marathon, we get on the 4am Airport Hopper bus that brings us to the Dublin airport for our 8:45am flight to the Gatwick airport in London, England. Once at the airport I decided to have a somewhat typical english breakfast with tomatoes, ham, toast, eggs, and some time of hash-brown. Following the breakfast was a fat nap to recharge from the zombie/half-marathon run.

After a well deserved nap, we woke up, made our way to the gate, and next thing you know

we're flying out of Ireland.

Good Morning London:

The flight went well, and we got out of the airport fairly quickly. Given it was our first time being at the Gatwick airport and not knowing the best way to get to our destination, we first tried getting a taxi and quickly failed as it asked around 300 pounds. We called our friend for advice and were told to take the tube.

After looking at all the maps and various tube lines, we were finally able to figure out which one to travel on, and safely get to our friend's flat. Important tip about the tube, one that my friend and I should have listened to as soon as we landed in London:

Buy that Oyster Card!!

It will save you so much money - as well as saving you from various Londoner's asking you why you don't already have one.

Once we set all of our belongings at the flat, and quickly freshened up for the flight, we began our adventure.

London Eye:

The London Eye is right behind our friend's flat, who attends Kings College. For those who are not familiar with the London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, is a giant cantilevered observation wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames.

The line was unfortunately too long, so we opted for using the penny machine and picture taking for the memories. While we didn't get the experience of seeing London from the top of the London Eye, it was still mesmerizing to see the wheel from up close and see what was on the opposite side of the river.

We then begin to make our way onto the beautiful, Westminster bridge. From the bridge we could see the Palace of Westminster, the Big Ben being under construction, and the long continuation of the Thames River. We were surrounded by the colors of a light green, gold, beige and grey.

Tower Bridge:

Having grown up as a Peter Pan fanatic, this bridge will always star struck me - for some reason, seeing it makes it official that I'm back in London. While this was my second time in London, this was the first time I got to walk across it and it is safe to say I was grinning the whole walk.

Mesmerized, I look all around - admiring the beautiful architecture and the beautiful touches of blue and gold. People around me are taking pictures and pointing fingers to show their friends, or loved ones, parts to look at - from the most modern, glass buildings to the boats filled with tourists.

Piccadilly Circus:

I mean, need I say more? Piccadilly Circus never gets old - it's so beautiful and fun.

To share a fun fact that I just learned, "circus" comes from the latin word meaning circle - a round open space at a street junction. Thanks Wikipedia.

This area is filled with beautiful architecture and lights - with people laughing as they walk down the street, and others visiting restaurants, bars and shops. As my friend and I were walking, we came across the Tommy Hilfiger store and simply had to go in - this was when Zendaya had a collaboration with Tommy, so going in and admiring their creations was a must. In her collection there was a beautiful green dress, zodiac shirts, and the coolest leather skirt.

After admiring the slightly-too-expensive clothes, we continued walking around, enjoying the beautiful city.

Now it's a little bit late, after a long day of adventuring. Come back next weekend for our second day of adventures in London.

A question for you, reader: Have you been to London, and if so - what is your favorite place, or memory from your time there?

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